How does child care help your child’s development

Child care centre Singapore are slowly becoming a necessity for working parents. Instead of leaving your child with an old relative who will not be able to perform the necessary childcare tasks, parents prefer going to the professionally trained and skilled childcare centres, where their child will be kept in a hygienic and safe environment. In the recent years, childcare centres are becoming specialised in developing a child’s development.

https://www. Cheriehearts is one such child care centre in singapore that priortizes child development in their curriculum for playgroups, nursery and kindergarten lessons.

Here are the following benefits of keeping your child in a childcare.


Children are extremely sensitive in their young age. If you do not encourage them and appreciate their efforts, they will soon go into a shell. Childcare centres are similar to classrooms but the environment is more informal and friendly. If you are child expresses himself amongst his friends, he will start building the self-confidence to take it outside too. The staff there will enable your child to express their thoughts and opinions through various forms be it dance music or even drawing. In the end, your child will emerge as a confident person.

Cognitive development

Childcare educators push your child’s imagination and awaken creative ideas in the child’s mind. Your child will be able to learn ideas and understand concepts. It will eventually lead to making decisions based on timing, reality and make-believe. Educators will teach your child how to solve puzzles, make him play games, demonstrate ideas and even read stories. Your child will be able to grasp these lessons and slowly apply it in their daily lives. You will feel proud when your child starts asking questions about a particular subject or a certain invention.

Taking criticism

At childcare centres, if your child makes mistakes while learning a lesson, then the educators will correct them effectively. The approach here is usually constructive criticism rather than negative criticism, as it affects the self-esteem of the child adversely. Educators will correct your child’s mistake in a way that it encourages them to make the wrong right instead of feeling like as if they are being blamed or cornered. Since children in their tender years seek constant approval, it is imperative that they understand that criticism is part of the learning and growing positively.

Physical development

Your child will learn how to walk, run or jump depending on the activities lined up for him at the childcare centre. Your child’s muscle movement will become coordinated and fast as he goes out to play with his friends. In addition, if you child is learning exercises such as yoga or karate, then he is learning how to discipline his mind and body. This will increase your child’s sharpness and improve mental balance.

Independence or self-reliance

Educators will teach your child to inculcate the habit of cleaning their messes, eating in a proper manner, wiping their hands with a towel after washing and other habits that will enable your child become independent. Eventually, you will not have to pick up after your child and notice that he is making his own decisions in terms of deciding what to wear, etc. Your child will own up to his mistakes and take accountability for his actions.

Emotional development

You child meets other children of his age at the childcare centre. As a result, he will slowly learn how to share his things, form bonds, make friends, learn to respect and become responsible. These steps will enable your child to become a strong yet emotional person who is sensitive to others feelings. He will also be able to differentiate between right and wrong that will enable him to take rational and practical decisions in future.