Math Problems: Why We Need Math

Do you have a problem with math? There are various charges leveled against the subject, some find it needlessly difficult, some find it boring while others find math to be impractical. The common math problems talking about monkeys climbing oiled bamboos and somebody insisting on filling a bathtub with holes, sure to dry out at some point, seem to be far removed from day to day scenarios. If you really want to explore the diverse intriguing facets of the subject, a secondary math tuition could be helpful, consider the courses offered by Indigo�A Maths Tuition. Check out their website today.

Let us consider why is math needed in our lives. The thing is that with or without understanding we all use math all the time. For example, when we go to buy groceries and calculate the cost, we are using math, when we try to cross roads before the walk sign to turn green, we are calculating the distance from one side of the road to the other against the approximate time it would take for the roadside to change, with the help of Math. Even when we are ducking to save ourselves from a flying ball in a park, we are using math to calculate the distance, velocity and curve of the ball and finding an angle which will save us from it, in the split of a second and almost unconsciously. But then why study math, If we seem to solve so many complex math problems every day without being aware of it?

Studying math is important because:

It is good for the brain: Regular practice of math help the brain develop and stay active. Like all parts of our body, the brain needs exercise too. Math also helps grow problem solving abilities and makes our brains more solution oriented. Cognitive skills like visual concentration and decision making are also boosted by practice of math. The result is a higher rate of better performance all around.

Every career needs math:

Math is not only for the mathematician, scientists and academics. To the contrary there is no profession in the world which does not use math to some extent. For examply if you are teaching English to school children, would you need math? Of course you would! You would still need to mark those papers and grade the students. Even if you are a fashion designer you would still need math to review your accounts, designing itself uses a lot of math as the cuts have to be precisely calculated.

We not only use math but we need math everywhere in life. The better we understand it, the more we are equipped to deal with life. If we are bad with math, this will affect our logical thinking and inference skills, which can affect our quality of life. Hence, don’t underestimate the importance of Math as a foundation of our life.