6 Tips for Starting an Enrichment Class for Toddlers in Singapore

If you have at one point or the other thought of starting an enrichment class for toddlers, well, that is a very good idea. Since Singapore is a country booming with many opportunities, it is worth saying that you can get your career up and running in no time.

However great a plan is, you need enough consultation with people who’s been in the business for long so that they can give you some tips that will set your program on course for success. We bring you some useful tips for starting a good program, what to prepare for an enrichment class for kids and toddlers.

Useful Tips

Have a budget

There is no business that does not require a measure of capital. So, plan ahead by setting aside funds for whichever program you need to run. Without funds, such plans will only be doomed for failure right from the start. Getting a place, the equipment, the coaches you’ll need to employ and advertisements are some things that will require some funds.

Have a well-defined objective

Without goals that are defined, there is no way to know how to navigate through the process of establishing a successful class. Another thing this can do for you is to announce to parents what their toddlers stand to benefit from your classes. If you have a poster or website, make sure your goals are clearly written.

Do some research

If you can take the pain of going around Singapore’s similar enrichment classes, you will find out some of the best classes parents choose, the toys available, the kind of songs and other things in their curriculum. This will kind of give you an idea of what you can start with. If parents like your ideas, they will keep their toddlers with you. But if your activities are not in agreement with the announced curriculum, they can easily ask for a refund.

Choose age-appropriate programs

If you are familiar with enrichment classes for toddlers well, you will easily notice that the classes are chosen based on the age group of toddlers. For example, an activity that interests toddlers between 12 to 24 months is totally different from what toddlers between 24 to 48 months will enjoy.

Set up a registration portal online

If you want to make that a good impression, the best way is to make registration possible online. So, get yourself a web designer where major announcements will be made, and through which fees are payable. Make it such that parents will also be able to enroll for specific programs on the website.

Include the parents

Successful enrichment programs always make sure they keep in touch with parents. There should be mutual communication between the parents and you because not just are you responsible for the toddler’s learning, but also their social development. Regular communication will help you know more about each toddler’s activities at home. On your website, you could create a space for compulsory feedback from parents.