Which Conditions Benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Although cognitive behavioral therapy is ultimately concerned with thought and behaviour change, it is also helpful with various health conditions. Therapists who use cognitive behavioral therapy often assess the patient to find the reason behind the behaviour and possibly health conditions associated with the behavioral pattern. 

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar is also known as manic depression. People who are bipolar suffer strained relationships because those around them do not know what mood they will be dealing with from one moment to the next. 

People suffering from bipolar have periods when they are happy, energized, and content. During this period, they are easy to be around because they radiate positive energy. Unfortunately, this changes when their mood changes to sadness and helplessness. Some people with bipolar have erratic thoughts that sway between positive and negative. 

Unfortunately, someone bipolar disorder is a lifetime condition that can only be managed by medication and therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy in Singapore is one of the recommended therapies for people going through fluctuating emotions. 

This therapy helps those with bipolar disorder acknowledge their condition and find ways to cope without making everyone around them miserable. Therapists train those with bipolar to switch to positive thoughts when they start having negative thoughts and emotions. 

Anger issues

Do you find yourself regretting your anger outbursts but feel you have no control over your emotions? Cognitive behavioral therapy Singapore will help you analyze your emotions and the reasons behind your outbursts. 

In some cases, the anger outbursts may be linked to negative thoughts and perceptions. For example, you may constantly react in anger because you assume that the person who has wronged you did so with ill intention. Even in cases where one makes a genuine mistake, you’d angrily react because you assume they acted with ill motive. 

When you visit a therapist, you may need to dig deep to find the cause of your anger outbursts. You may also need to analyze the impact of your anger on yourself and those around you. 

Anger can be dangerous, especially if one is likely to become violent when overwhelmed. A therapist’s job is to make sure you never reach the point where you do something regrettable. You can learn to walk away from a situation and only deal with the issue when you are calm.

Alternatively, the therapist can guide you to use various techniques to slow the impending anger outburst. For example, breathing exercises and journaling your emotions are productive techniques that help people with anger issues. 

Eating disorders

Most eating disorders are associated with negative thoughts and emotions. People suffering from bulimia and anorexia often develop these eating disorders in their teenage years. Worries about becoming overweight cause anorexics to limit their food intake, while those with bulimia turn binge eating for comfort. 

If left unchecked, these eating disorders continue into adulthood. Eating disorders are often linked to a lack of control and low esteem. Cognitive behavioral therapy Singapore will analyze where the problem started. 

Why does the anorexic believe she is overweight, yet she is underweight? What does her fear of weight gain come from? The therapists will work with the patient to assess her emotions. The patient will then be trained on having a positive mindset towards food without going overboard towards binge eating. 

Personality disorders

People with personality disorders find it difficult to function optimally in society. Some don’t even know that they are the ones with the problem. Cognitive behavioral therapy Singapore seeks to make people with personality disorders aware of their shortcomings. 

Some common personality disorders include narcissistic personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anti-social personality disorder. 

While the person with a personality disorder is most in need of therapy, it may be necessary for friends and family to be involved. Personality disorders are not easy to control, so people who are in constant contact with the person with the disorder need to appreciate the challenges and how best to relate with the person. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful with many other health conditions and disorders. Therapists often work with medical doctors to ensure the patient has the best chance possible to cope with these conditions. 

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Why Enroll for Toddler Enrichment Classes?

Enrichment classes are organized to impart something more into your toddlers. They give ample lessons to them, going more than what can be gotten at their traditional daycare centers.  In those centers, there are more toddlers to one teacher, but at enrichment classes, the ratio of teacher to a toddler is lower than what is obtainable in these centers.

Enrichment classes for toddlers provide a good platform for kids to develop their personal interests more than what they may be groomed for by their parents. Each child’s class is adapted to his or her needs and personal characteristics like age, temperament, and likes.

Singaporean parents prefer these classes because they make use of various teaching styles and visual aids, all aimed at making your toddler develop into responsible children. They also get to relate well with other toddlers on a more personal level than they would normally get to do at preschools. This helps them to get the needed motivation to perform simple tasks when they see like minds doing those things.

These classes are meant to enhance a child’s learning process, develop their inborn skills, groom them for childhood, and supplement their parent’s effort in instilling in them beautiful qualities like kindness, love, patience, and forgiveness. When kids learn these qualities while still young, they (the qualities) become a part of them for the rest of their lives.

Read more about the structure, programme and learning objectives of an enrichment class for toddlers here at Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s PlayClub Programme: https://www.chengzhu.edu.sg/mandarin-centre/adult-accompanied-programmes/playclub/

Who can be enrolled?

As exciting as these classes can be, you just can’t bring in an infant to attend those classes. So, at what age can a toddler be enrolled in these enrichment classes?

From a medical point of view, a mother should exclusively breastfeed a child for not less than 6 months, after which they can mix some solid baby food with their diets for the next two years. From that, it is obvious that a suckling child cannot be enrolled for these enrichment classes for the first 12 months or one year at least.

Anywhere from 12 months to 36 months is a good time to enroll a toddler although it must be admitted that the sole responsibility of enrolling a toddler is the parents. They will also decide at what point they want to enroll their toddlers.

What to keep in mind

The early years of a child are referred to as the ‘formative’ years because they obviously get more of their parents’ attention and care. So if you are a parent with a toddler, and you are already thinking of enrolling them in these enrichment classes, remember that your toddler still needs you as much as you can.

What can you do? Make sure the amount of time they spend with you is still more than the time they spend in the classes. Refrain from seeing the classes as an excuse to go around enjoying yourself, or as a temporary getaway from parenthood.

Final Say

Enrichment classes are a great opportunity to develop, enhance, and prepare your toddler for childhood. However, understand that your toddler still needs you as much as possible.

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Enrichment Class Ideas for Toddlers in Singapore

There are so many ideas for the type of classes suitable for your toddler as part of the enrichment programs for them, especially in Singapore. Hence we will take a look at some of these ideas that can prove very useful to you as a parent.

Before choosing any enrichment class for your baby, remember that the needs of one toddler differ from that of another toddler, so make a decision with the best interest of your toddler in mind, and not in comparison with another parent’s choice of class.

For language enrichment, especially the Mandarin mother tongue, read more here about Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s enrichment classes for toddlers and how the programme will benefit your young child.

Toddlers aged 12 to 18 months

When your toddler is between 12 and 18 months, they respond more to stimulation and beautiful sights, hence you can take advantage of this great affinity by enrolling them in drama classes. It will keep them entertained, sharpen their reflexes, and give them ample opportunity to have fun and relate more with their peers.

Some centres in Singapore that offer this are listed below:

Alliance Francaise Singapour

This program utilizes songs, crafts, and drama to teach your toddler French language. They make use of a flexible curriculum fitting to their age.

Blue House Infants and Toddler Atelier

Toddlers are very curious; always wanting to find out things, hence this program takes advantage of their curiosity by helping them make some simple discoveries.

Bubble Gymnastics

This program is specially designed for your toddlers to help develop their reflexes like hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It uses songs, nursery rhymes, dance, and simple gymnastic skills to achieve all these. There are instructors resent, but parents can participate in this program as well, giving their toddlers extra motivation.

Inspire Mon and Baby

This program integrates new moms into their routine by having them develop a stronger bond with their babies. It helps builds the baby’s upper body strength, speed up a new mother’s recovery process and allows moms to enjoy lots of playtime with their babies. It also includes a lot of songs and music.

Smile Swimmers

This class is aimed at helping your baby know how to swim and it is specifically coordinated by a well-trained coach. It helps your baby get used to the water, thus eliminating any phobia for water. It also develops their underwater survival skills, stability underwater, and water movement.

Toddlers aged 18 to 3 Years

At this stage, there are new doors that will be unlocked. Your toddler will definitely learn how to self-feed, distinguishing between right and wrong, pronouncing words and so on. They will probably start a more advanced level of enrichment classes.

All That Jazz Dance Academy

this program is designed to help your toddler learn body movement and good posture. There are music and songs to accompany them.


This program helps your child continue their aqua movement techniques, surviving underwater, and they might start learning how to swim for short distances.


Even though we have considered some enrichment classes for toddlers within Singapore, there are still a number of them we didn’t mention but you can find. The most important thing is choosing one that fits your toddlers’ age and maturity.

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6 Tips for Starting an Enrichment Class for Toddlers in Singapore

If you have at one point or the other thought of starting an enrichment class for toddlers, well, that is a very good idea. Since Singapore is a country booming with many opportunities, it is worth saying that you can get your career up and running in no time.

However great a plan is, you need enough consultation with people who’s been in the business for long so that they can give you some tips that will set your program on course for success. We bring you some useful tips for starting a good program, what to prepare for an enrichment class for kids and toddlers.

Useful Tips

Have a budget

There is no business that does not require a measure of capital. So, plan ahead by setting aside funds for whichever program you need to run. Without funds, such plans will only be doomed for failure right from the start. Getting a place, the equipment, the coaches you’ll need to employ and advertisements are some things that will require some funds.

Have a well-defined objective

Without goals that are defined, there is no way to know how to navigate through the process of establishing a successful class. Another thing this can do for you is to announce to parents what their toddlers stand to benefit from your classes. If you have a poster or website, make sure your goals are clearly written.

Do some research

If you can take the pain of going around Singapore’s similar enrichment classes, you will find out some of the best classes parents choose, the toys available, the kind of songs and other things in their curriculum. This will kind of give you an idea of what you can start with. If parents like your ideas, they will keep their toddlers with you. But if your activities are not in agreement with the announced curriculum, they can easily ask for a refund.

Choose age-appropriate programs

If you are familiar with enrichment classes for toddlers well, you will easily notice that the classes are chosen based on the age group of toddlers. For example, an activity that interests toddlers between 12 to 24 months is totally different from what toddlers between 24 to 48 months will enjoy.

Set up a registration portal online

If you want to make that a good impression, the best way is to make registration possible online. So, get yourself a web designer where major announcements will be made, and through which fees are payable. Make it such that parents will also be able to enroll for specific programs on the website.

Include the parents

Successful enrichment programs always make sure they keep in touch with parents. There should be mutual communication between the parents and you because not just are you responsible for the toddler’s learning, but also their social development. Regular communication will help you know more about each toddler’s activities at home. On your website, you could create a space for compulsory feedback from parents.

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Must haves in the child care centre

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Things That Can Help You Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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What Is an Abacus and How is it Useful

To know about the benefits of abacus, it is important to know about abacus. Abacus is an ancient technique that was invented much before computers, calculators, or even arithmetic. It was first done by using paper and pencil and was the most advanced device for calculation. Before abacus was invented the only way people could calculate was by using fingers, toes, or stones in the dirt. It was the only way people could crunch numbers and then the abacus was invented. It is interesting to know that even now many people in certain parts of the world use abacus and it is still used as a primary counting device and in some parts, they are a backup to the modern devices. It was invented around 2500 years back in China and later on spread to numerous counties such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. It has now become

Why is Learning Abacus Beneficial

Abacus is extremely helpful as it inculcates an interesting way to learn and teaches a fun new way to learn about numbers. It teaches a new way to count, add, subtract using complementary numbers. This also helps to solve problems in a novel way and it is easier, faster, and better for people to solve problems in a systematic manner.

This is How Abacus is Used

Before one learns how to use abacus, it is important to be aware of the fact that there are many types of abacus. For instance, there is the classical abacus or Chinese abacus which has two beads at the top and five beads at the bottom and. The Japanese abacus, called the Soroban, has one bead at the top and four beads at the bottom. This is how the modern abacus is used:

Heavenly Beads

The beads at the top are called the “Heavenly beads” and these are five in number in the first column. The beads at the bottom are called the Earthly Beads and these are placed as one beach each in the first column. When a bead is moved toward the middle bar that is known as the reckoning bar, it can be considered as counted and when no bead touches the reckoning bar that column becomes equal to zero. There is a separation of dots and colored beads are varied depending on the abacus that is being used, however they are always used to distinguish numbers into sets of three.

Advantages of an Abacus

Once you have figured out how the beads function you can successfully start to calculate on the abacus and practice sums like addition, multiplication, subtraction, fractions, and integers.

It is also important to know what are the benefits of the abacus, not only does it help to solve arithmetic problems , it helps a child recollect easily as the child gets in the habit of picturing a problem. Since abacus promotes visualization, it helps a child immensely as the child is able to picture the abacus in the head and solve the problem correctly instead of other children who picture words.

Abacus for beginners helps logical thinking and reasoning and that is great while solving problems like integers and fractions. The childs breakdown of the problem is logical and it helps the child use this motto throughout his or her life. Also, it helps the child recall, abacus helps the child to focus and concentrate and it has been seen that children who use abacus have a great tendency to recall.

So, the next time you think about something that will help your child develop a fondness for mathematics, reach out for an abacus and help the child love numbers and crunch numbers with pace.

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How does Abacus Increase Memory Power?

The word Abacus has originated from a Greek word called Abax which means a calculating board. It is an ancient mathematical tool and was used as a real calculator until a more advanced instrument had been invented. Although it was invented several years ago, people still realize its importance and they train their children for a number of benefits associated with the abacus.

Let us see how Abacus for beginners increases memory power?

Scientific research proves that it enhances the memory of a child to a great extent, as it improves the right side of the brain and aids in brain development and helps in brain development, concentration, confidence, imaginative and creative thinking.

Development of the right brain through the abacus calculation

The brain has two sides, a left and a right side and both these sides have specific and different functions. The left brain controls many functions such as calculation, reading, writing and logical thinking. The right brain, on the other hand controls vastly different functions such as creativity, artistic abilities and three dimensional senses. When a child is introduced to abacus she is capable of developing the right side of the brain and improve on her creative ability to a great extent. Research has also proved that abacus learners have shown neural activity in the right brain when they are listening to music.

Learning Abacus increases memory power

When children learn abacus it increases memory power and strengthens the childs mental framework. It develops better reflexes and improves the attention giving ability of the child to a great extent. Through abacus training the child is able to listen and attend to a task effectively and more efficiently. When a child is constantly trying to master his skills on abacus it improves the intellectual growth of the child and fosters the growth of brain cells which aid in better memory and visualization. According to studies when children are exposed to the right kind of stimulation, it aids in brain growth and longer the better. Hence is very helpful in improving the memory and developing the brain of a child.

How soon can a child be enrolld in Abacus learning programs?

As soon a child learns to count backwards from 1-10, he or she is well equipped to join training programs which help them to learn abacus. The sooner the better because a young brain develops faster and most of the brain grows by the age of 10. There are some parents who enroll their children to training programs when they are 5 years old. If you enroll your child at an older age they can pick up pretty fast and be at par with other kids.

When a child takes up learning abacus there is a dramatic improvement in school work due to the increased brain capacity and good memory.

The child is able to concentrate and learn better

The child is able to calculate much faster than his peers

He has a good memory and even better retention skills

The child can cope better with stress and peer pressure

The child also has good mathematical abilities

The child has enhanced reflexes

It improves the childs ability to focus and improves concentration

The child has a good logical thinking ability

The child is able to express and think creatively

The child is a better problem solver

These are some of the many skills which a child can achieve when he/she is exposed to learning abacus and the child is able to exhibit these skills as a result of good memory and better mental framework.

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