Why Enroll for Toddler Enrichment Classes?

Enrichment classes are organized to impart something more into your toddlers. They give ample lessons to them, going more than what can be gotten at their traditional daycare centers.  In those centers, there are more toddlers to one teacher, but at enrichment classes, the ratio of teacher to a toddler is lower than what is obtainable in these centers.

Enrichment classes for toddlers provide a good platform for kids to develop their personal interests more than what they may be groomed for by their parents. Each child’s class is adapted to his or her needs and personal characteristics like age, temperament, and likes.

Singaporean parents prefer these classes because they make use of various teaching styles and visual aids, all aimed at making your toddler develop into responsible children. They also get to relate well with other toddlers on a more personal level than they would normally get to do at preschools. This helps them to get the needed motivation to perform simple tasks when they see like minds doing those things.

These classes are meant to enhance a child’s learning process, develop their inborn skills, groom them for childhood, and supplement their parent’s effort in instilling in them beautiful qualities like kindness, love, patience, and forgiveness. When kids learn these qualities while still young, they (the qualities) become a part of them for the rest of their lives.

Read more about the structure, programme and learning objectives of an enrichment class for toddlers here at Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s PlayClub Programme:

Who can be enrolled?

As exciting as these classes can be, you just can’t bring in an infant to attend those classes. So, at what age can a toddler be enrolled in these enrichment classes?

From a medical point of view, a mother should exclusively breastfeed a child for not less than 6 months, after which they can mix some solid baby food with their diets for the next two years. From that, it is obvious that a suckling child cannot be enrolled for these enrichment classes for the first 12 months or one year at least.

Anywhere from 12 months to 36 months is a good time to enroll a toddler although it must be admitted that the sole responsibility of enrolling a toddler is the parents. They will also decide at what point they want to enroll their toddlers.

What to keep in mind

The early years of a child are referred to as the ‘formative’ years because they obviously get more of their parents’ attention and care. So if you are a parent with a toddler, and you are already thinking of enrolling them in these enrichment classes, remember that your toddler still needs you as much as you can.

What can you do? Make sure the amount of time they spend with you is still more than the time they spend in the classes. Refrain from seeing the classes as an excuse to go around enjoying yourself, or as a temporary getaway from parenthood.

Final Say

Enrichment classes are a great opportunity to develop, enhance, and prepare your toddler for childhood. However, understand that your toddler still needs you as much as possible.