Enrichment Class Ideas for Toddlers in Singapore

There are so many ideas for the type of classes suitable for your toddler as part of the enrichment programs for them, especially in Singapore. Hence we will take a look at some of these ideas that can prove very useful to you as a parent.

Before choosing any enrichment class for your baby, remember that the needs of one toddler differ from that of another toddler, so make a decision with the best interest of your toddler in mind, and not in comparison with another parent’s choice of class.

For language enrichment, especially the Mandarin mother tongue, read more here about Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s enrichment classes for toddlers and how the programme will benefit your young child.

Toddlers aged 12 to 18 months

When your toddler is between 12 and 18 months, they respond more to stimulation and beautiful sights, hence you can take advantage of this great affinity by enrolling them in drama classes. It will keep them entertained, sharpen their reflexes, and give them ample opportunity to have fun and relate more with their peers.

Some centres in Singapore that offer this are listed below:

Alliance Francaise Singapour

This program utilizes songs, crafts, and drama to teach your toddler French language. They make use of a flexible curriculum fitting to their age.

Blue House Infants and Toddler Atelier

Toddlers are very curious; always wanting to find out things, hence this program takes advantage of their curiosity by helping them make some simple discoveries.

Bubble Gymnastics

This program is specially designed for your toddlers to help develop their reflexes like hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It uses songs, nursery rhymes, dance, and simple gymnastic skills to achieve all these. There are instructors resent, but parents can participate in this program as well, giving their toddlers extra motivation.

Inspire Mon and Baby

This program integrates new moms into their routine by having them develop a stronger bond with their babies. It helps builds the baby’s upper body strength, speed up a new mother’s recovery process and allows moms to enjoy lots of playtime with their babies. It also includes a lot of songs and music.

Smile Swimmers

This class is aimed at helping your baby know how to swim and it is specifically coordinated by a well-trained coach. It helps your baby get used to the water, thus eliminating any phobia for water. It also develops their underwater survival skills, stability underwater, and water movement.

Toddlers aged 18 to 3 Years

At this stage, there are new doors that will be unlocked. Your toddler will definitely learn how to self-feed, distinguishing between right and wrong, pronouncing words and so on. They will probably start a more advanced level of enrichment classes.

All That Jazz Dance Academy

this program is designed to help your toddler learn body movement and good posture. There are music and songs to accompany them.


This program helps your child continue their aqua movement techniques, surviving underwater, and they might start learning how to swim for short distances.


Even though we have considered some enrichment classes for toddlers within Singapore, there are still a number of them we didn’t mention but you can find. The most important thing is choosing one that fits your toddlers’ age and maturity.